My family counts on me

I don’t know if I want to keep doing this …

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It didn’t look good!

There was an ambulance, with all its lights flashing, upside down!

The last car to go whizzing by was in the ditch within a mile …

No way! It’s not possible!

This is getting too complicated, we better turn back!

I love adventure

I help you keep going even when there’s a storm, even when the storm gets really bad.

That’s the difference between those who IMPLEMENT the change all the way to SUCCESS

And those who TRY!

Let’s talk … I can help you.

Best regards,
M. Lynne Jacob
Business Performance Coach

Grow your Business by 20x in just 5 years? Sure! And …
WITHOUT working harder, longer hours
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Specializing in the construction industry since 2004.



Impressed Clients

Before working with Lynne I felt so out of control!

I was doing great work and getting great referrals but couldn’t stay on top of anything. I was always working — evenings, weekends, you name it — but I never had money in my pocket.

I felt like I was in over my head, like I was drowning.

I decided to work with Lynne based on her promises. They gave me hope. It was a little scary to take that step but she has made good on all of them!

I am no longer afraid to spend money.

Before working with Lynne, I had done everything I could to get out of debt but it was paralyzing me. I didn’t have enough people to do the work that needed to be done and I needed equipment. Lynne helped me realize that as long as I had a good plan, spending money is a good thing! Like hiring people to take the pressure off of you, allowing yourself to be creative instead of doing menial tasks.

Within 9 months of first working with MLJ International we have doubled our business. I rarely work Fridays anymore and I leave everything to other people, which makes my wife happy, as well.

When I had to be away from the business for an extended period of time for health reasons, I actually felt comfortable that the world wouldn’t end in my absence. Although I had good support, before working with Lynne, I would not have been comfortable passing things off to others. Things didn’t just keep going while I was out; the business actually grew while I was gone!

It’s still hard work, but it no longer keeps me awake at night as it used to. It’s wonderful to be able to just forget about things sometimes. I am much more organized than I used to be and my personal income has increased dramatically. We’ve taken 2 full vacations and 2 or 3 mini-vacations in less than a year-and-a-half, are in the process of having our website redone professionally and are looking into some additional product expansion.

For people who are thinking about investing in their business by working with Lynne I ask you “How long have things been going the way they are?”

You’ve got to accept and understand that you need help. You’ve just got to do it. This isn’t a risk. Having someone help you and coach you from the outside, looking in, is key because you can’t see it.

It is a leap of faith because you’re spending money but I recuperated my initial investment within 1 or 2 deals just by making a couple of tweaks.

Working with MLJ International was money well spent. I have no regrets. I firmly believe that most everyone who owns their own business needs a coach.

I used to have a picture on my desk that read “Why do today what you can put off ‘til tomorrow?” Needless to say, that sign is gone now!

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