That’s the only thing that stops us

It’s always the same thing …

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Do you ever find yourself about to do something … but not really taking action?

Maybe you’ve made the “decision” that this time you ARE going to follow through on that idea you’ve been toying with for awhile now.

Ok, so you told yourself you were going to do it … but???

What’s stopping you?

Let’s look at this for a minute. This idea has come to you before, you “decided” you were going to take the action before, and yet again you are not following through.

How many times have you made this decision about this same idea?

I’ll give you a hint … the thing that is stopping you is the only thing that stops any of us!

Watch the video

When you see this happening more than once talk to me!

I’ll HELP you see the WHY and the WHAT!

Watch the video here.

Talk soon!
M. Lynne Jacob
Business Performance Coach

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Take a look at this …

Celebrate with me, my friends!

Just received this from YouTube:

Hi Lynne Jacob,
Let’s have a round of applause, because you did it! More than a hundred people have subscribed to your channel. Now’s the time to get out there and shout it from the virtual rooftops!

(And I’m at 102 already by the time they send me this. Wooo-hooo!! This has truly been organic!)

My newest client must have subscribed last week when he found my videos by searching: ELECTRICAL BUSINESS CONSULTANT.

Are you one of the 105? (Yep! That number is still growing!!)

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