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As their profits TRIPLE

On the last day of my workation …
there was a LOT more focus on the “ation” part!!

Today, as you are reading my quick note to you and watching my super-short video (shot at the beach on the last day of my 6-week workation), I’m meeting with a new client of mine.

Before today, we had only ever met by phone … but when we are together, in person, we’re going to get really clear on the BIG picture of her future as well as many of the immediate, short-term steps she needs to take to catapult herself into her new consciously-created FUTURE.

If this sounds like something you’d like …

and if the FREEDOM that all of my clients are looking for when we first speak and then STEP INTO when we first meet is what you desire …

then let’s talk.


Are you a little curious as to what all can be accomplished when you partially un-plug from the business?

Remember while I was away I was still “in the office” 3 days a week.

Sure I love travelling, dancing, meeting new people, soaking up the sun and swimming …

but I also LOVE helping my clients see AND EXPERIENCE how

FUN has never been so PROFITABLE!

Here is a rough drawing of El Salvador and the places we visited …

Although there are no stamps in my passport and I didn’t actually step foot in Guatemala, Nicaragua or Honduras because I was so close and I saw each of them they count for me. 🙂

I have included a couple of pictures of what a workation can be … are you ready to show yourself what a workation would look like for you?

Give me a call … 613-484-3861

  • From Guatamala on the left-hand side you’ll see
    • Ahuachapan, (Concepcion de) Ataco;
    • Santa Ana Volcano, Izalco in the Sonsonate Dept.;
    • The lake near Santa Ana is Coatepeque;
  • From San Salvador
    • Playa El Tunco (famous for surfing);
    • La Libertad is where the 5*+ hotel was we stayed at;
    • Playa Costa del Sol;
    • San Luis de Herradura;
    • San Miguel
    • La Union
    • La Island de Meanguera del Golfo en Golfo de Fonseca

Let’s make sure this meme never shows up on your wall!!


M. Lynne Jacob
Business Advisor, Performance Coach, Key-Note Speaker & Best-Selling Author

FUN has never been so PROFITABLE

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