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Slightly different voice, but sounds JUST LIKE ME!

Passion & all.

I’ve had this conversation with pretty much EVERY SINGLE ONE of my clients.

After 16 years as a Business Coach — following 1/4-century as chief cook & bottle washer in law firms dealing with “employee” issues daily — it STILL amazes me as to how much business owners & corporate managers TOLERATE from those who receive 100% of the agreed-upon salary.

I’ve asked MANY groups of employees of my clients:

How much would say you give to your position on a daily basis?

Very few groups have 1 or 2 dare to speak up in honesty.


How much of your paycheque do you expect
to receive after a week of giving that little?

It causes them to THINK.

And it helps those who “hate” my questions to either release themselves after a few weeks or show their true selves to the business owner/manager & the company finally releases them.

As I say to all of my clients with such employee challenges:

Imagine how this person must feel every single workday morning;
knowing they can’t reach the bar but they have to go to work
and pretend all day long, day-after-day.
FEW employees will quit … because of financial commitments.

HELP these people move on to what serves them better.

Click here to watch Kerwin Rae’s Facebook video “Don’t EVER let your employees get away with this

What are you TOLERATING?

Are you ready for things to be different?

Let’s talk!


M. Lynne Jacob
Business Advisor, Performance Coach, Key-Note Speaker & Best-Selling Author

FUN has never been so PROFITABLE

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