The workation has come to an end …
and with it the cold, cold winter (I hope)!

I flew home from sunny San Salvador last night … putting a close on my most recent workation.

Sure, I’ve been “out of the office” for the last 6 weeks … but I have NOT been out of my business.

Thanks to the internet and the tiny devices we are all attached to we can run our businesses from practically anywhere!

I’m proof of that … and you can be too!!

Ok, so I’m home … what does that have to do with today’s newsletter?

Take a look at the video (click here) that I recorded for you before I took FULL advantage of the sun, the heat and the beach …

Here’s the link I promised in the video.

Let’s talk!


M. Lynne Jacob
Business Advisor, Performance Coach, Key-Note Speaker & Best-Selling Author

FUN has never been so PROFITABLE

Since working with Lynne I now do what I love to do. There is a much more positive atmosphere at work. We are having fun, seeing more profits and we are leading. We have turned our business around 180 degrees.
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