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What they’re saying about MLJ International

Like having a little Lynne on my shoulder

You are amazing 😉!!!

I brainstormed and talked to friends about it. It made me realize that I need to find other people to brainstorm with.

I am going on vacation tonight and will start the new year fresh, I am alone from the 6 to the 12 of Jan, so I plan on redoing a brainstorm session then.

Allan John Mac Gillivray
Montreal, QC

Coaching with Lynne is well worth the investment.

I had been thinking of using a business coach for a while because I was at a point where I constantly felt over-whelmed, running around putting out fires, frustrated at my inability to keep ahead of everything and feeling stressed out.

I had been researching options when a friend and business owner mentioned to me that he had signed with Lynne and felt it was a huge boost to his business and well worth the investment.

Likely the main thing Lynne has helped me with is confidence … in my ability as a business owner to take charge and confidently deal with customers and difficult situations that come up.

Lynne really helped me see how we needed to organize the company so that jobs and projects can get done correctly by putting systems in place for each issue or thing that comes along and I’ve found that it’s a lot easier to do than I obviously was thinking it would be.

I now have more free time to do the things I love to do with my family. I’m taking time off every other week now.

I have really started delegating a lot of what I used to do, freeing me up to spend more time on the business and how it is run.

Coaching with Lynne is well worth the investment. It doesn’t take long to make that money up in profits on jobs by avoiding costly mistakes and call-backs.

I really like Lynne’s personable approach and that she holds you accountable to do what you promised you would do.

Ken Toews
Toews Power Inc.



… start achieving things you previously
thought were impossible.

Lavern Toews
ESC Project Management Inc.

I wanted to take that leap of faith from self-employed to a business owner but needed assurance that I was heading the right way with my company. Basically, I was lacking confidence.

To start, in a 3-hour intensive coaching session, Lynne helped me break things down into manageable steps. She pointed out some things that needed to change, as well as showed me where some things could easily be improved upon.

Lynne has a way of building up your confidence so you can start achieving things you previously thought were impossible.

Through simple conversation, Lynne is able to bring out the things that are holding you back but she does it in a way where you’re the one who realizes it and you say it yourself.

The coaching is based on your desired results; not at all what Lynne thinks you should do. I have never felt pressured by Lynne. She took my goals and helped me break them into bite-sized pieces and now those goals seem achievable! In fact, in the first 2 weeks following our initial Intensive Coaching session I had already achieved my largest 90-day goal; and now numerous other 90-day goals and we’re only 21 days in.


I had been feeling like everything was always running in “put-out-the-fire” mode for too long. I had a lot of trouble with communication in the team and I lacked confidence in my ability as a leader.

After just a few weeks in a Coaching Partnership with Lynne, we are already developing processes to deal with issues as they come up; Lynne is helping a lot with the communication issues and she has really helped me believe in my ability as a leader.

Lynne is a very positive person and helps you get results by accountability and an interest in your business.

I’m very pleased so far in the results of Lynne’s coaching and am looking forward to the coming months.

Ken Toews
Toews Power Inc.



Living in Alignment with her higher purpose

Lynne, as I walked up the stairs towards the microphone to speak, I was thinking back to the first day you and I spoke, when you asked me to close my eyes, and asked me to go forward 1 year in time. “What did I see?” you asked. I said I was speaking in front of hundreds of people, and as I was speaking they listened intently with tears in their eyes. That’s exactly what happened — for real. The audience was hanging on every word. I knew I had captured their hearts. I realized that this was that “very moment”, and it gave me strength to speak with everything I had, applying all of the skills I had learned, all weaved together into this 4-minute speech.

What an empowering feeling going from fear to FREEDOM!

Lisa Tugnette
Kingston, Ontario

Before starting with Lynne I was tired of things always getting started but never finished from lack of accountability; and poor communication.​
I invested due to our situation at the time & Lynne’s approach with me.​
I see many improvementscommunication amongst management & between management and employees, decision-making and accountability from all. ​
It has become a more positive environment – both at work and at home – and, also thanks to our work with Lynne, we have a clearer and better outlook for the future.​

Lynne’s 7 Simple Strategies and teaching style really helped me look at myself in a different way, understand where I need to put my focus and TAKE ACTION!
The “town hall” meetings with Lynne and our employees really helped our employees to better understand the changes being made.​

My advice, if finding it difficult to make the financial investment, is, simply, “Do not hesitate as the only way to go is up in a program with Lynne.”

Although we didn’t come to you specifically for more profit, it appears that this year will be Mattina Mechanical’s largest growth year ever in the business with another excellent profit margin to match that growth!

Domenic Mattina
Mattina Mechanical

Go to one of Lynne’s short inter-active seminars. You’ll know if it’s a good fit after 2 hours.

My husband was working long hours away from family and we were 3 months behind in bills when we decided to attend one of MLJ International’s seminars.

We are now caught up on bills, we have surrounded ourselves with people who actually help us (new bank, new insurance, community futures org.) and Shawn is no longer in the office each night.

What I most appreciate being able to take away from the T-CBC Program is that our group is now filled with smart, passionate people including Lynne. Everyone has different ideas and suggestions, which we are all willing to share.

Jodie Watson
Watson Mechanical

When I heard about MLJ International’s Trade-Contractors’ Business Intensive Program I was looking to get a “Direction” – a set of goals. I wanted to get control of my life and organize my work.

I have since been well on my way to unblock that disorganized part of myself, I have set goals that I believe will make me happier and I have been well on my way to get my life under control.

What I liked most about Lynne’s coaching style is her insightful feedback and her reflective manner. Also, there is open dialog and she gives you great direction.

This is a great program to help find your life’s direction.

Mark Babin

You are investing in yourself, you are worth it!

Everything that I have learned with Lynne I inwardly already knew but it was not a common habit. Lynne is helping me make them common everyday habits.

We were stuck in a continuous circle of falling short of our goals, frustrated with our industry. We felt that we were being pulled in different directions at the same time.

Why did we make the decision to invest? We needed help.

Since working with Lynne we are calmer and more confident. I feel like I am leading my business. I am more deliberate in my actions and we are now attracting “A” and “B” clients. And we are having fun! We have created a win/win business. A class “A” business.

Sylvio LeBlanc
Leblanc Custom Homes

Finally … a light at the end of the tunnel. I learned plenty of simple ways to take control of my business – immediately!

Michel Portugaise
All-Teck Electric

Before we began working with Lynne we were paying our bills late and my husband was in the office late into the night. He is now able to spend more time with the family, the office is more organized and the business comes across as more professional.
I really appreciate Lynne’s straightforward approach and how she gives examples using stories and other contractor’s situations.
If you are having a difficult time deciding whether to invest in a program with MLJ International, I say just step into it!

Jodie Watson

My main concerns in business were always a lack of organization and follow through as well as a fear of debt. Since I have been working with MLJ International I no longer fear debt, I have confidence and am now able to communicate properly with my employees.

Lynne is there to help you achieve your goals with a friendly and non-overbearing style.

I thought I would be uncomfortable but Lynne actually made me feel more comfortable … in making decisions and following through.

Thanks Lynne! I am looking forward to your continued support.

Jerry Pinkster
Wescor Food Equipment

When I signed up for this event I was looking to see what Lynne had to offer and determine if she was someone I would someday like to hire on as a coach.

She created a casual and yet focused atmosphere and the only thing I would have changed about the event would have been to make it longer.

If you are considering attending one of Lynne’s events my advice is “DO IT“.

Brett Garden

What I learned in more than 20 years of managerial training at Avon in Montreal, Lynne covered in one day with these 8 strategies she teaches. I was absolutely amazed!

Tom Robertson,
Operations Manager

I was drawn to the first workshop: DESIGN YOUR CREATION  by  constructing a compelling 3-year vision by the title and by the idea of creating a 3-year vision for my life. It had been on my mind quite a bit in the last little while.

What I liked most about the workshop was the workbook and the actual exercises to work through. I’ve  ALREADY spent time working on the workbook and as well as having already taken the first step, I’ve already planned the next one, too. I  KNOW I will realize this vision I have for myself in the next 3 years!

Wendy L.
Kingston, Ontario

Lynne’s event helped me to find ways to systemize my company, to focus more on cash-flow, growth and putting myself first.

I liked Lynne’s ability to come up with solutions to problems and how she will mentor you to delegate better.

I would have liked to have been sent away from the event with homework and I look forward to reading Lynne’s book.

Patrick Aubert
Best Choice Painters, AB

I attended Lynne’s event looking for direction on how to be more efficient and profitable in our business.

It was very informative. Lynne challenges your thinking in a positive way.

She makes you think outside the box you’ve created about your company.

I came away having learned the importance of taking care of yourself as the business owner so you will be more equipped to deal with work; your company/employees are a direct reflection of you, the owner. Also, to put more focus on setting priorities and to set a goal to spend more time on things which are not urgent but important.

I appreciated how the workshop was geared to the specific needs of who was there as well as the interaction between participants.

Elisa Stephan
Guardian Plumbing







Since completing the 7ss4s program I have increased confidence and have become a more positive person. Even when dealing with people I find myself walking away feeling positive no matter what has just been said, no more negative inner dialogue.

I used to live my life with a “should do” attitude and now I just “do”. Actually, many of my habits have changed. I used to talk myself out of my own ideas, convinced they would never work. I used to judge situations beforehand as not possible or as bad ideas, where as now I will go see a job and assess it before making any decisions either way.

Vacations used to be something that would happen, maybe, once a year. Not anymore! Now I take 3 vacations a year.

Fun was never really something that was missing but I now feel more content to stay home and relax with the family instead of always having to be doing something or being away all the time. I no longer have the feeling that if I didn’t accomplish something it was a wasted day.

Gaetan LeBlanc
D&L Ventilation

The great thing about working with Lynne Jacob, of MLJ International, is that she is no-nonsense. She takes no crap from anyone and you can be sure that she will tell you what you need to hear and NOT just what you want to hear.

Before working with Lynne we were beating our heads against the wall with no knowledge of our numbers or direction. Back then we had no vision. I am happy to say that things have changed.

I highly recommend Lynne for anyone who wants to move ahead. She is a great motivator and support to help you to change and get better.

Blaine Stephan
Guardian Plumbing




5 years ago … wish I would have started with her back then!

When I decided to invest in a coaching program with Lynne, it was because I was experiencing overwhelm. I sensed that I lacked business direction, and I knew that much more was possible.

needed help to create a plan, to determine what to do next, as well as how to do it.

After only a few coaching sessions by telephone with Lynne and then an Intensive in-person several-hour coaching session I have a much clearer belief in where I want to go with my business. I have a better understanding of why we are the way we are and how to change it. I also have permission to do what I want to do going forward.

What I like most about Lynne’s coaching style is that she does not tell you what to do.  She facilitates you to speak what’s inside of you and brings it to the surface. Lynne speaks matter-of-factly, no sugar-coating.  All she tells you is “what is” and “what is possible.”

I greatly value my interactions with Lynne.  Results arrived within days of our first conversation.  She is helping me focus and drive myself and business forward.

I first met Lynne 5 years ago … and wish I would have started with her back then!

Ed Aitchison
K.F. Construction Ltd.