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Working directly with us is the fastest path to bigger paydays.

The 5 major areas we focus on are:

  • DESIGN your 3-year business goal; your ideal life; your exit strategy
  • PLAN your time; your money; your resources (HR, Tech, Advisors)
  • BUILD your systems; your team; your infrastructure
  • EXPAND your existing customers; your network of referrals; your assets
    • your time
    • your money; and
    • your resources

so that your business will be sustainable, profitable and saleable.

Here are the programs we currently offer.

Trade-Contractors’ Business Training / 7 Simple Strategies 4 Success

This 7-month program is for businesses up to $1M in yearly revenue, and who want to achieve next-level profits.

Just think …

With the proper accountability support what could I accomplish in turning my business around in the course of 7 months?

IMAGINE … just imagine

Click here to imagine …

In 7 months you’ll:

    • Create a strategy for rapid sustainable growth
    • Develop critical support systems
    • Balance work and family life

In all of Lynne’s programs you’ll enjoy the benefits of her training on 7 Key Business Strategies which she’s dramatically simplified with tried-and-true rubber-hits-the-road simple tactics along with examples of how her many previous clients have overcome their hurdles:

  1. Design Your Creation: Construct a Compelling 3-Year Vision You can’t get where you’re going until you know where you are. This strategy helps you get crystal clear on where you’re going with goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, rewarding and timely.
  2. Map-Out the Route: Plan Time to Plan Business Development and Honour It! Implementation is one of the biggest challenges for small business owners. Discover how to get the right stuff done to grow your business without having to worry about the minutia of others things that don’t grow your business.
  3. Follow Through on Your Ideas: Understand What TRULY Stops You Mike Tyson once said, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” Discover what stops you from achieving your goals and murder this demon.
  4. Tame The Cash-Flow Beast: Get Out of Fear of DEBT Discover how to manage your capital to spark rapid growth in your income.
  5. Find, Hire, Train & Retain Them: Lead an ALL-STAR Team Turn your staff into a full-service support system that allow you to be away from the office without worrying about what’s going on when you’re not there. (Employees? A necessary evil? Click here for Free Training.)
  6. Get Referrals from Impressed Clientele: Help Your Customers Market Your Services for You Bone up on these powerful tactics and new customers will be coming to you in droves.
  7. GET A LIFE (Outside of The Business): Love What You Do. Do What You Love. Never have to say you’re sorry for not being there. When you become a master at prioritizing your activities, you’ll balance business and family time with ease.

Trade-Contractors’ Business Intensive

Spend ½-day in-person with Lynne Jacob solving your greatest business challenges.

Over the following three months, you will have private 1-on-1 follow-up coaching sessions with Lynne, to be sure you follow through on the plan you created from your ½-day intensive coaching session.

You will also receive a FREE bonus: membership in the Trade-Contractors’ Business Training group program.

  • Become clear on your business goals
  • Create a custom blueprint with Lynne to reach your goals
  • Discover and eliminate the barriers which keep your business from growing rapidly
  • Identify and remove unnecessary stressors in your business

Trade-Contractors’ Business College

The Business College is for companies with $1.5M+ per year in sales with a single owner, or married partners who grapple with working together effectively (and profitably).

In 12 months, you’ll:

  • Increase your profit margin (and personal income)
  • Bump-up your sales
  • Train your staff to run the company in your absence without causing more problems
  • Bring the FUN back to owning your business
  • Map out your personal goals, and make your business support them

Trade-Contractors’ Strategic Partnership

This program is for companies with multiple owners and $5M+ in sales. You’ve grown the business, and hit a plateau. You want to leave the company more profitable than you found it, and pass it down to the next generation.

During this 12-month program, you’ll work one-on-one with Lynne Jacob to:

  • Develop a long-term strategy for sustainability and growth, so you can continue the legacy
  • Balance family and work life
  • Maximize your business and personal profitability