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He’s gotta go

One bad apple can spoil the bunch!

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They all need to know how they’re doing.

Ask them …

“Where do you see yourself in 3 years?”

“How can I help you show up on time?”

“How can I help you make sure your shoelaces are tied when you show up to work?”

This doesn’t mean you’re going to do it for them.

If one person’s doing it, rest assured the rest of them are too!

One bad apple CAN spoil the bunch …


You’ve gotta get the bar back in place and this guy’s gotta move on if he doesn’t want to come up here.

Best regards,
M. Lynne Jacob
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I’m going LIVE … WEEKLY


I’ve done it three times and it was FUN!!

So what is the next, logical step?

Add it to my calendar and make it a regular event, of course!

Bring your questions and join me Mondays at 11am EST … starting Monday November 28th!!

I’ll be on vacation … (yep, again!) so I’ll keep it short.

Not sure you’ll be available to join me LIVE?

Send me your question now and I’ll be sure to answer it on the 28th and you can catch the recording!

See you there! (Click here to follow me now so you will be notified when I start)


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