The game is to connect with only 3 people!

The game is NOT to say
‘hi’ to as many people as you can!

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I know … we’ve all heard about networking, some people even call it advertising (which, of course, it isn’t!)

Are you like all of my clients of late, who have been resisting networking?

Did you know that each of us has the influence over the decisions of 100 people?!

Yes, YOU!!

Do you go to networking events?

No? Why not?

Not sure what to do when you’re there?

Don’t see the value of walking around a room full of people saying ‘hi’ to as many as possible in 90 minutes and passing out a huge stack of business cards?

I’d like to give you the same exercise I’ve recently given a client …

I want you to start going to some events (with your Chamber of Commerce or BNI meetings)

Now, before you go you need to get really clear on what you’re looking to get out of the event.

While you’re there you want to connect (really connect) with a maximum of 3 people and get their business cards.

After the event I want you to follow up with those 3 people for lunch or coffee.

It’s not important that anyone get your business card … it IS important that you get theirs!

Remember … each person influences 100 people in the decisions they make, and you just never know who’s going to be the one to connect you to somebody where you might get the biggest project you’ve ever had in your business!

I can’t wait to hear how this exercise worked for you!

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