It’s all about the beer

MECHANICAL CONTRACTOR receives $128,000 by repeatedly
singing BEER for my HORSES

INCREDIBLE!!! And so easy to believe (for me, at any rate)

A client was SO down in the dumps in our last coaching session, because YET AGAIN payroll was due, he was on his way to a wedding in another country, and he had NO CASH flowing in!!

His ASSIGNMENT from our coaching session? Listen to, sing … and dance to a song that he REALLY ENJOYS. Stay UP. Avoid feeling down.

BELIEVE that he will meet payroll yet again as he always has (but for once, which he was dangerously remembering and feeling).

In today’s coaching session he reported: He sang along with this song ALL THAT DAY, causing good fun for his administrative staff … and just before the end of the day in flowed a cheque … in the amount of $128,000.

Payroll covered? Check.
Suppliers brought up-to-date? Check.
Good time at the wedding in the sunny, warm south? BIG-TIME CHECK!!!!

And while he was away, he learned on his return today, he received full payment of an account that had been owing for 2 1/2 years. While this contractor somewhat “dismissed” the amount of the cheque (much less than $128,000 🙂, he did see the weight lifted from his shoulders in never again having to see it in the “More than 90 days” owing column.

The secret to allowing the $128,000 to flow in the door? Staying UPKNOWING that the money was on its way.

Simple as that! (Not always easy on your part to believe this, but it truly is as simple as that!)


M. Lynne Jacob
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  • PEI (less than 1 hour to the Island and another 40 minutes to Charlottetown)
  • Saint John — where the temperature drops by 1 degree/kilometre in the last 10 kms into the city. Now this may not be a selling feature to visit Saint John, but if you’ve ever wanted to go you’re less than 2 hours away and it is a phenomenon to me, especially as I drive there with my roof down during the summer months. 🙂
  • Fredericton — NB’s capital city. You know, government town in Canada. 🙂
  • Moncton — NB’s economic capital — where your car will roll UPHILL! (either BEFORE or AFTER you enjoy a day at Magic Mountain)

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