Smart phones, Social Media, and Online Reviews. Oh my!

They have 56 job openings …
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Welcome Back!! 

As promised last week … I am launching a mini-video series focusing on the challenge I’m seeing has become the BIGGEST of the TOP 3 CHALLENGES in business. (In case you missed it that is #3 PEOPLE!)

Had this been the biggest challenge faced by my clients when I first went into business, 14 years ago, this video series would have been so VERY different!

But thanks to smart phones, social media and online reviews this training has been modified as well.

Let’s take a look at one great advantage of our smart phones … we all have them (even those of us who refuse to give up the blackberry have some of the perks of a smartphone.)

Ok, so you’ve decided to go out for dinner (either you are out of town or you’ve decided to try some place new.)

What do you do?

You grab your phone and ask Google, Maps or Yelp (etc).

Now, how do you decide from the choices you have been given?

You check out the reviews!!

Sure you don’t sit there reading tons of comments … it is only dinner after all … but I’m sure you read one or two after picking a restaurant by its rating and based on what they say you make your final decision.

Did you know that this is the same procedure being used by many of your future employees when they are looking for a company to apply to?

What are YOUR past (and present) employees saying about your company?

Today’s exercise, of course, will require going online.

  1. Check it out! Go online and see if anyone has been commenting on their experience of having worked with you or in your company. (You can have somebody else do this part for you … delegate, delegate, delegate)
    • What are they saying?
    • Has your company been rated?
  2. Ask your current employees what they would say about you and your company online … and then have them say it.
  3. Check out the job posting websites and anywhere you can put some AUTHENTIC feedback about your company, PUT IT.

You never know when the next position you have available could be filled by a FANTASTIC employee who may otherwise have seen negative comments.

Watch the video here.

Until next time,

M. Lynne Jacob
Business Performance Coach

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