That’s YOUR perception … but is it the TRUTH?

I definitely can’t do that!!!

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** Based on recent conversations I have been having I felt that it was necessary to bring this message back. **

I have barely been plugged into any electronics in the last several days and it’s been great. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time in Alberta, now, and if someone had asked me for how long I’d be here, I likely would never have guessed this long. And that’s the FUN of the business I’ve created for myself. I work very diligently throughout the fall, winter and spring and then come summer – typically from sometime in May until September – I have the FREEDOM to be the GYPSY my soul truly is.


A DECK & RENOVATING contractor I just spoke with first said to me “Well, I don’t think I could TRIPLE my profits because there’s just me and a helper” and then he said that he builds mainly decks, fencing and pool surroundings. During the winter they do a little bit of renovating basements but he tries to keep things pretty slow in the winter so that he’s afforded the time to reunite with his family and they usually take 1 or 2 vacations each winter in Mexico.

GREAT! Sounds like he, too, has figured out the system for FREEDOM. Now that said, he’s still limiting himself by “believing” that he can’t triple his profits, which is unfortunate. I can tell you, though, from my experience helping people just like him, he’s looking at things from his perception. Obviously!

You see, he, like so many of us, believes that he can have 1 or the other and he doesn’t want to give up his FREEDOM in order to dramatically increase his business results. He, obviously, hasn’t experienced entrepreneurs having BOTH … without working harder, longer hours.

I HELP PEOPLE develop a new perception by having different experiences. To start, I lend them mine – which is from a place of KNOWING that he can EASILY triple his profits within a very few months, if not weeks, in fact – and then within that time Dave’ll develop HIS OWN new perception. And that will be exciting to see and to share in his joy & excitement when he sees how simple it is to CONTINUE with his FREEDOM and TRIPLE his PROFITS.

Now … back to my travels.

FORT McMURRAY is the farthest North to which I made it in Alberta. It was my destination – simply to satisfy my curiosity. You see, I’m a SE Ontarian who moved to SE New Brunswick a few years ago because all 3 of my grandbabies (from 2 daughters) were born down there. (There are now 4 grandbabies!)

In almost every flight I’ve taken from Moncton to Toronto, or vice-versa, during these years, I’ve been sitting next to someone who works in Fort Mac and lives in or comes from NB. Some of my clients used to work in Fort Mac, even, having gone there to accumulate some wealth to start their own business. Also, in the past year+ one of my clients has been focusing on developing an arm of his business, from the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), in Fort McMurray. Hence, Fort McMurray has caught my interest … so I decided to visit. Simple as that.

Along my travels people in the East who heard of my main destination didn’t even bat an eye-lid or if they did it was because they, too, have had the urge to visit it. Throughout Alberta, however, many people’s responses were “WHY in Heaven’s name would you want to go THERE?” Now that REALLY intrigued me. Many of these people admitted that they had never been to Fort McMurray so they were sharing, what we call in the legal industry, “hear-say” evidence of why one wouldn’t want to visit Fort Mac.

Well, after 3 days of gathering my own evidence, I can say that I absolutely LOVE Fort McMurray. Would I want to live there? Maybe not, but I’m surprised and pleased with the developments going on there. Granted, it used to be a mainly “male” environment, but now it’s a sprawling city with families. Their biggest challenge today is still that the city can’t keep up with the housing demand for the continued growth of the city and the continued phenomenal growth of the economy still causes struggles with sufficient human resources. The mines are paying so much money/hour to their employees – due to some of the undesirable work that needs to be done, I suppose – that the “normal” businesses struggle to retain* their employees for much longer than a year or so. (*Strategy #5 of my “7 Simple Strategies for Success” on which I train entrepreneurs and managers is called: FIND, HIRE, TRAIN & RETAIN them. Lead an ALL-STAR team.)

LEADING AN ALL-STAR team is, hands-down, by far the BIGGEST CHALLENGE for a growing business. You can’t grow without more people and the more people you hire the more headaches most entrepreneurs have. To get your business from the “baby” stage THROUGH the teen-age stage and into the ADULT stage, you simply MUST become a Championship Leader. You’ll know you’re there when you find yourself continually

  • growing the business,
  • growing your profits; and
  • growing your time-off … all with many, many fewer headaches … and WITHOUT working harder, longer hours.

I learned of all of these challenges and triumphs that are being experienced in Fort McMurray through the marketing I did while in the Fort. Obviously, I marketed while I was there.

ONE PECULIAR COMMENT I heard was: “WHY would you want to come to Fort McMurray to do a seminar DURING THE WINTER? Poor Nathan, here, arrived for the first time on our coldest day that year. January 18th and it was 28 below (Celsius).”

I chuckled with my response of: 28 below is your coldest day? It’s often 20 below and colder in SE Ontario and we have humidity added into that. NB also sees -28C. This woman had grown up in Fort McMurray and simply believes, from her perception, that since they’re that far North their temperatures must be far colder than anywhere else.

TRUTH: Isn’t it peculiar what we “believe” to be the truth? It’s “our” truth, but it’s seldom the ABSOLUTE truth. Just like Dave and how he “believes” (in his truth) that he can’t triple his profits. Sure he can, but he doesn’t know that … yet. Just like for this woman, after we discussed low temperatures for a minute she told me about how she’d suffered so much while in the Ottawa valley one February with 20-30 below + humidity. You see, this few-week experience hadn’t over-ruled her lifetime experience of believing that Fort McMurray’s temperatures MUST be the coldest AND most unbearable in the country. (Don’t get me wrong! I’m not saying Fort Mac’s winters aren’t more brutal than ours, especially given their length. I’m saying that -28C isn’t as unusual a temperature as some believe.)

And just this morning I was conversing on FaceBook with a Pakistani who now lives in Saudi Arabia. He told me that he was learning, from my posts, that what he had been raised to believe about us Westerners is, in fact, NOT TRUE at all … in the same way that what we learn about other cultures isn’t true. What he learned, growing up in Pakistan, was THEIR truth, however, and now he’s starting to learn the ABSOLUTE truth. Very similarly my travels around the world reveal many perceptions to not contain the ABSOLUTE truth.

BELIEFS … what are some “truths” that you have that are stopping you from enjoying TRIPLED profits, TONS more FUN … and, if you’re of a certain age, the creation of a VERY lucrative RETIREMENT?

WOULD YOU LIKE to change those beliefs? Just pop me a line and we can discuss some of them.

M. Lynne Jacob
Business Performance Coach

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