I’m frickin’ FED UP!!!

I just heard the horrible news that yet another small business owner has had a heart attack at much too young an age for one to imagine this person having a heart attack.

A few months ago I learned of a horrible situation where a small business owner was struggling for way too long … and he just got tired of struggling and decided he wasn’t going to struggle anymore … and he ended his life.

Both of these situations came about simply because

to stay SMALL

Why are you struggling?

To stay small – that’s why. And, yes you’ll argue this point when you read it, but that is the ONLY reason we struggle … in anything, WE … and OUR BUSINESSES … are subject to the principles of the Universe. One such principle, or law, is

The Universal Law of Expansion

Every organism on this planet is subject to every one of the Universal principles or laws … including The Universal Law of Expansion.

Do you see trees getting all upset about having to grow? Worrying about whether they should push out this leaf for fear it may get blown off? Growing this new branch, for fear it may get knocked off somehow?

Yet we, as small business owners, FEAR every step of growth.

Go ahead.

Reply to me and tell me you don’t.

I’ll help you unveil the truth of how you do. I still do and I, of all people, know better. And that’s precisely why I constantly have the support of others to


I want to help you, and your family and all the families in and through your business avoid the horrible situations as I spelled out above … even the simple situations that we create simply to slow us down –

like seriously damaging a limb of your own body!

I know. I’ve been there. I didn’t let the head-injury-induced coma stop me, but I sure as heck did let it slow me down. Lisa didn’t let her breast cancer or her husband’s heart attack soon thereafter stop her, either, and, in fact, she claims it woke her up and spurred her on.

Dis-ease is a result of STRUGGLE.

We only EVER struggle because we’re trying to STOP our own GROWTH.

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Know what happens to a tree that stops growing leaves & branches?

It dies!

M. Lynne Jacob
Business Advisor, Performance Coach, Key-Note Speaker & Best-Selling Author

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