Whatever the hell that woman has …

I want some of it!!
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She invested so much …


… time away from her daughter.

Sure she visited her, but she entrusted the raising of her to her mother for the two years she was out of province training for her dream career.

When she came home and started her business she was moving along at a snail’s pace.

Was this really why she had sacrificed that time away from her family?

And then she decided that it was time to, again, make an investment in herself, an investment in her daughter’s future.

It was a big stretch.

She didn’t have the money to cover it.

But … she committed to herself that she would make the changes in her business to bring in the money to cover the credit card payments each month and she stepped into a coaching partnership!

Her business grew so quickly over the next 7 months!

During those 7 months she up-levelled her business.

She up-levelled it again.

Click here to see why, when she tried to up-level without the support of coaching, she came down … just like Jim.

Are you ready to learn how you, too, can run your business from anywhere in the world? Yes, even if you are in the construction industry!

Give me a call … I specialize it helping you get to where you want to be FASTER and a heck of a lot more EASILY!


Stay tuned for next week’s video to hear about someone who has been coaching with me for 11 years.

What he accomplished by the 10-year mark will blow your socks off!!

Talk soon!
M. Lynne Jacob
Business Advisor, Performance Coach, Key-Note Speaker & Best-Selling Author

FUN has never been so PROFITABLE

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