There is only ONE way to WEALTH!
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Do you have a savings account?

Is REALLY big?

We all know the TOP 3 CHALLENGES of every business are the same …

What we call challenges are also RESOURCES.

Let’s look at this accurately!

If someone else can do it …

You CAN do it too!

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M. Lynne Jacob
Business Advisor, Performance Coach, Key-Note Speaker & Best-Selling Author

FUN has never been so PROFITABLE


Impressed Clients

What really stands out for me, as a benefit to working with Lynne, is that when you start feeling sorry for yourself she’s able to immediately take you out of that space by showing you that you don’t need to be in that misery. Lynne’s able to show us that we can choose not to be there and that getting out of that space is as simple as doing it … and she does all of this with a straight face. She does this for herself and believes it, herself. Lynne’s strong will comes through, saying (more or less, but lovingly): I don’t give a s*^t how bad things look to you, what you’re doing is all about the choices you’re making.

So make different choices.

I am getting a better handle on an over-all vision. My day-to-day is more organized and more productive. Now I need to focus on the bigger picture.
Lynne’s coaching helped me get out of situation and mentality that I was hanging onto so tightly and unwilling to let go of. I am now strong enough to let that go … and in so doing I am in a better headspace to be more productive in my business in every area, especially in making sales calls.

Ever since starting the VIP program with MLJ Coaching International my attitude has become, not only more confidant, but an “I’m going to make it work!” attitude. Whatever day looks like, I get through it and turn it around.

Before working with Lynne I never took a vacation longer than 7 days and now I have just gotten back from my DREAM VACATION! 17 days in Tuscany. I also treated myself to a long weekend in New York. My “fun factor” has gone from a 2/10 to a 5/10 and is still climbing!

The one thing that truly stands out for me is that I need to learn what I can do for myself to make me happy. I’ve been in the habit of taking care of others and neglecting myself.

I am now working on developing the habit of doing what will make ME happy!

Agostina Iermieri

Since working with Lynne I now do what I love to do. There is a much more positive atmosphere at work. We are having fun, seeing more profits and we are leading. We have turned our business around 180 degrees.
Sylvio & Josee LeBlancLeBlanc Custom Homes Inc.Moncton, New Brunswick