You created your own environment. Disorder, chaos …

Are you crazy?

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I was five and a half. A client of mine was seven.

We were programmed with the rules of the game.

We can’t even reject any of this.

This is something you want to do.

An easy place to start is …

Changing your environment.

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M. Lynne Jacob
Business Performance Coach

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Specializing in the construction industry since 2004.


Impressed Clients …

Before working with Lynne, we had had a lot of great ideas but too many were not being implemented. It’s nice to have another perspective – third-party insight – to help us see beyond the emotion and learn how to make decisions more quickly; not just sit on things. We are now realizing the importance of getting things done … quickly.

Although we can’t say until year-end how beneficial this partnership has been financially, we have already brought in 2 new key people and we now have systems in place where we don’t both need to be here all the time.

We had a 1st-ever “year-end meeting” with our accountant shortly after starting Lynne’s program and will continue to do so regularly. Our sales have been increasing every month and our receivables are down to almost nothing – thanks also to the help of one of our new staff members!

Working with Lynne made it clear that we needed to focus more on job-costing and this is resulting in our up-grading our accounting software.

Even better than all this, this year was the first in 7-8 years that we were both able to take a 2-week vacation where we didn’t feel we were being constantly bombarded with texts & phone calls. The guys took care of everything and nothing fell apart.

From here we will be working on continuing to provide high-level service while stepping back and focusing more on overseeing the business and spending more time with family. And we have a FUN reward set for reaching our goal at the end of the new program we’re in with Lynne!






Lloydminster, SK


Take a look at this …

Ever dreamt of taking a vacation on the ocean …
but found, especially with today’s currency exchange rate,
that it’s just not in your budget?

So no need to spend your Canadian money in the U.S.

Spend it right here in Canada; enjoy WARM ocean waters from 2 private beaches — 1 with beautiful sand for lazing in the sun and the other a nature-land where you and your children (and grandchildren in my case) can have a field day finding all types of little sea creatures — when the tide’s out, of course! 🙂

And within a short drive you can visit:

  • The Bay of Fundy, with the world’s highest tides — be sure to arrive at low tide and stick around to see how many storeys high the tide gets. Check the schedule by clicking here;
  • Shediac — the Lobster Capital of the World! (7-10 minutes depending on traffic 🙂 And you’ll love learning HOW TO eat lobster when you go on the Lobster Tour Boat, which is only 5-7 minutes from your resort.
  • Halifax (2 hours 45 minutes)
  • Confederation Bridge (from New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island) — Canada’s first PPP project!(45 minutes)
  • PEI (less than 1 hour to the Island and another 40 minutes to Charlottetown)
  • Saint John — where the temperature drops by 1 degree/kilometre in the last 10 kms into the city. Now this may not be a selling feature to visit Saint John, but if you’ve ever wanted to go you’re less than 2 hours away and it is a phenomenon to me, especially as I drive there with my roof down during the summer months. 🙂
  • Fredericton — NB’s capital city. You know, government town in Canada. 🙂
  • Moncton — NB’s economic capital — where your car will roll UPHILL! (either BEFORE or AFTER you enjoy a day at Magic Mountain)

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