DARE to PROVE me wrong!

I LOVE a good challenge

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In the past 2 weeks (click here to listen to week #1 and here for week #2) I’ve been sharing information with you about businesses that …

  • Are in financial hardship;
  • Knew about my help yet resisted getting it earlier, before being in such financial hardship as they’re in today, making matters worse; and
  • Now have simple steps to take to get a handle on the sinking business so as to
    1. first … stop it from sinking any further into that hole they’ve been sucked into; and,
    2. 2nd … start pulling it back out of the sink-hole.

Just this morning, as I’m studying in my “daily study routine” (which I teach all of my clients), I read this paragraph that I feel I just HAVE TO share with everyone who’s interested in SOARING with their businesses, instead of being further SUCKED into that HOLE of DESPAIR.

These words were published in 1960 — proof that there’s “nothing new out there,” as you’ll hear me say time and again:

Gene Tunney, a fighter, sought help to win a fight that he had already lost in his mind. In a nightmare he’d seen a vision of himself “bleeding, mauled & helpless; sinking to the canvas and being counted out.” He realized that he had already LOST THE MATCH — his first fight with Jack Dempsey — in his mind … because he had been “reading the newspapers and all they said were how I would lose. Through the newspapers I was losing the battle in my own mind. Part of the solution was obvious. Stop reading the newspapers. Stop thinking of … Jack’s killing punch and ferocity of attack. I simply had to close the doors of my mind to destructive thoughts — and divert my thinking to other things.”

I attend associations’ annual conferences in the construction & home-building industries to learn what’s going on out there. Mainly to hear what business owners are being told to be concerned about — to fear. And then I address those concerns/fears with my clients.

What you can do:


What is it that you WANT in your business? Get CLEAR on that … and STAY FOCUSED on what you WANT.

Easier said than done. And this is PRECISELY why the words I say to every prospective client are SO TRUE:

You have to do it … but you can’t do alone. (being whichever change you want/need to implement in your business)

Sure … raise your prices. And the moment you start to think about how you haven’t received a contract since you raised them, you’re going to become concerned and get scared that you can’t get jobs at these higher prices. Carl ran into this situation in the 1st few months we were working together. And in that coaching session he was SCARED! He’d submitted 5 quotes at his new rates and hadn’t “won” or received a single 1! He was DAMNED SCARED!! And when that coaching session concluded that day he said: This is the BEST coaching session we’ve had so far!!! In our next coaching session he was delighted to report in that he had received 4 out of the 5 quotes he’d submitted, PLUS a hugely profitable job during the time between coaching sessions AND the 5th quote? It hadn’t been decided upon yet at that time. A few weeks later, he received that one, too.

Do you see, though, that had we not been working closely together that he would have caved? And started bidding lower? And then … I assure you … he would NOT have received those jobs. Why? Because he would have no longer been FOCUSING on getting jobs at higher prices. He would’ve been focusing on “not” getting jobs and on “lowering” his prices … and he would’ve gotten SUCKED into that hole of despair.

Gaetan LeBlanc was struggling when he first contacted me. And even before the end of our business strategies training & coaching partnership he said the BEST step he’d taken of all of the many, was that he no longer watches … listens to … nor reads the news. In fact, I was just talking with Gaetan very few weeks ago and that system continues in his business and in his life. Not only have his businesses grown, but business opportunities keep knocking on his door … and he keeps welcoming them in!


Let’s GROW the ECONOMY in your business and it will benefit everyone connected to your business because of the rippling-out effect. Unless you have a branch of your company in Spain, it does NOT matter what’s happening over there. For that matter, if you DO have your company in Spain, I can help you GROW the ECONOMY inside of your business there, too. GUARANTEED!

Sound too good to be true?

DARE to PROVE me wrong!

🙂 I LOVE a good challenge.

And I’ll meet you 1/2-way.

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Looking forward to talking to you soon.
M. Lynne Jacob
Business Performance Coach

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