Do you remember your FIRST time?

Why reinvent the wheel?

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My business has undergone some changes from time to time since I decided to “hang out my shingle“.

Over the years we’ve seen the name morph from MLJ Coaching and Consulting to MLJ Coaching International to … MLJ International.

My business colours have changed from the original purple and green to the blue and grey you see in the banner above.

My website has gone through an overhaul or two and of course my “tagline” or (as I prefer to call it) my promise has, of course, evolved …

But … through all of these changes, modifications and improvements the foundation has remained the same.

I help the owners of small and mid-sized businesses get the FUN back into their businesses and most especially into their LIVES!

I help DAD leave work while the kids are still awake, be plugged into the family and be PRESENT at the IMPORTANT events in their childrens’ lives … not just the big events, but the soccer and hockey games, the dance recitals and the school plays.

Has your business morphed over the years since you began? Has it changed for the better?

Watch today’s video and block out a few minutes of time to complete a simple exercise that will only require a pen, paper and a quiet place.

Are you ready?

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Now here’s the exercise I want you to do today:

  • Sit down with a pen and paper in a quiet place. (See I told you that was all you would need)
  • REFLECT “Why in heaven’s name did I ever start this business anyway?”

Get back in touch with why you ever got into business for yourself in the first place.

Now, from there simply take a look …

“Is this still what I want today, what I wanted 7, 15, 18, 20 years ago?”

“How close am I to that?”

Are you happy with the answers you have written down?

Here’s one more question:

Where would you like to BE 3 years from today?

Would you like some help getting there?

Let’s chat! 613-484-3861

M. Lynne Jacob
Business Performance Coach

Grow your Business by 20x in just 5 years? Sure! And …
WITHOUT working harder, longer hours. (Get FREE training on 3 simple steps to increase your PROFIT immediately at
Specializing in the construction industry since 2004.

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