Are you seeing a connection here?

She’s the one who realized the three year vision …

(Click here to watch the video)

How many days a week are you at work?

5? … 6? … 7?

How many vacations do you take each year?

Yes, I said VACATIONS … as in more than 1!

This week I have an exercise for you

  1. Grab your agenda and a pen.
  2. Close your office door and give yourself some time to complete this (let’s start with 15 minutes).


Watch the video for the instructions

Remember what you need to put in first?

Did you do it? Not quite?

Ok, grab those instructions again! Click here

It’s as simple as that!

M. Lynne Jacob
Business Performance Coach

Grow your Business by 20x in just 5 years? Sure! And …
WITHOUT working harder, longer hours. (Get FREE training on 3 simple steps to increase your PROFIT immediately at
Specializing in the construction industry since 2004.

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