Overcome your CASH FLOW issues NOW!

COLD FACTS: if you are in business you are in SALES
Therein lies the biggest challenge … we don’t like sales, we avoid using the word sales.

Here is the TRUTHSALES is merely helping someone solve a problem they have for which you have the solution. Therefore you are in service.

Without sales you have NO business!

Ok. Let’s get clear.

We need to get clear on your 3 MIAs (most important activities).

Everything you do from now on needs to be directly linked to those 3 MIAs.


If you are in business and you already have customers to serve, your 3 MIAs will look something like this:

  • Serve clients
  • Sales (this is a very close second)
  • Lead your team

For those of you with larger companies your MIAs may very well be more like this:

  • Serve top 3 clients — get your employees to serve the rest
  • Sales — train your program manager to start/improve estimating and up-selling
  • Lead team — the entire team, not just the employees who are assisting you with #1 & 2.

IF you have a CASH FLOW problem …


  1. Overhead – how much does it cost to turn the keys in your office door and the ignitions of the trucks you have on the road each morning? How much do you absolutely NEED to bring in each month?
  2. Your salary – when was the last time you sat down and did a family budget to know EXACTLY how much your salary NEEDS to be for you and your family to life the lifestyle you dreamt of when you got into business for yourself? This is the FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT monthly investment!
  3. Your Conversion rate – what is the number of jobs that you NEED to bid on, or ask for, to get one job? How many jobs do you NEED to have to cover your monthly investments?

I’m going to leave you with this task for today …

Determine your 3 MIAs and your NUMBERS

Write them down.

Own them!

Now structure your day, your week, around that information.

Remember, I’m here to help!

I’m here to help you stick to your 3 MIAs (it’s not as easy as it sounds) and not only know and watch your NUMBERS but to GROW #2.

Give me a call.

M. Lynne Jacob
Business Advisor, Performance Coach, Key-Note Speaker & Best-Selling Author

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