Sales Tips for Smart People – Eric Lofholm Interview with Lynne Jacob

On today’s podcast Eric interviews Lynne Jacob. Lynne Jacob is an international speaker, Business Advisor, Performance Coach, and one of the world’s top “turnaround experts” for CEOs and managing directors of start-ups as well as multi-million-dollar privately-owned and publicly-traded corporations throughout Canada, the U.S., Europe and Australia.

Lynne’s simplified Key Business Strategies (with tried-and-true rubber-hits-the-road simple tactics) and her “straight-shooter/nothing-but-the-truth/tell-it-like-it-is” coaching style has been helping businesses overcome challenges much faster & much more easily than her clients ever imagined possible and all without working harder, longer hours.

Lynne helps folks like you to start living like you’re in Retirement now … while you’re still young enough, healthy enough and wealthy enough to enjoy it!!

To request a free consultation with Lynne to see what she recommends as your BEST NEXT STEP just give her a call or send her a text at 613-484-3861.

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