It’s legal … are you ready for the impact?

Yes, you, too, WILL be affected!
(when it becomes legal this summer)

First off I would like to say “THANK YOU!” to everyone who sent me their answers to the questions I asked last week. I truly appreciate your candid responses!

If you didn’t have a chance to send me your responses, or if you missed the questions you can find them here (click here). I would love to receive your answers as well.

While preparing for my Keynote address (that I delivered last week at this year’s CKCA National Forum) I realized that while all of the challenges that are being faced by businesses are essentially the same as they have always been … they are coming at us from a different angle and need to be prepared for and dealt with differently.

I’m sure you remember the recent sequence of videos I shared with you about the impact of Social Media on our work force (both potential and current employees) … well now we have a new one and this one puts us at risk of more than just a bad online review!

So, again I’m curious … and I have another 3 questions for you. Would you mind sharing your answers with me? (Just email your responses to

1. How knowledgeable are you about how to prepare yourself and your business to deal with the legalization of marijuana and its possible affects on your business (medicinal or otherwise)?

2. Which changes, from outside of your company, do you feel are having a negative impact on your business results?

3. What’s your GLASS CEILING? That elusive number that you ALMOST reach, over and over, but just miss? What’s stopping you from charging through?

Thank you for your help!

M. Lynne Jacob
Business Advisor, Performance Coach, Key-Note Speaker & Best-Selling Author

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