Just imagine

Just imagine!!

Is there anything in your business that you would like to be better? And would you like to progress faster and more easily?

7 months!

Just think … With the proper accountability support what could I accomplish in turning my business around in the course of 7 months?

IMAGINEjust imagine

  • Surpassing your 3-year Vision (containing your BIGGEST dreams possible), within a year-and-a-half! (Wayne said, when he accomplished this: “You know, Lynne, we really don’t even know how to dream.” So true … in the beginning. He went from “throwing in the towel” … through working with me (starting in a 1-year program) … to … Today he flies his own plane to take his PMs to jobsites! Not to mention the 3-5-day impromptu getaways with his wife or a buddy.)
  • Nailing the time-management piece of your days, your weeks, your months, your quarters, such that you complete everything in your 1-year non-traditional business plan inside of 9 months!
  • Following through all the way to pay-dirt … on what you put in your calendar, that you know will get you that much closer to your 1-year plan and your (likely 1st-ever) 3-year Vision;
  • Finally being in control of that Cash-Flow Beast, having tamed it once-and-for-all, so that taking your personal, couple and family vacations becomes as normal as making payroll;
  • Leading the best team you’ve ever had … and ever imagined you’d ever have; a team of caring, plugged-in, “how can I help you, Boss?” members of your business family … all by your daring to become the best leader imaginable;
  • Being in a position to choose to accept (or not) your customer’s invitations to bid on sweet jobs, along with only 2 of your neighbours who are also professional business owners, based on the FUN factor of the project for you;
  • Actually living a FUN Life outside of the Business … and bringing that FUN back into your business to share with the whole team — your Business Family.

Introducing … 7 Simple Strategies 4 Success / Trade-Contractors’ Business Training

During this 7 month group tele-seminar program you will;

  • Create a strategy for rapid sustainable growth,
  • Develop critical support systems,
  • Balance work and family life

Remember Freedom 55? In 10 years Wayne went from throwing in the towel to Freedom 52.

Now, ask yourself … What would it take to recuperate a this investment in my business?

I’ll help you stay focused on doing just that (which often happens within weeks!) and the rest is gravy (or ROI as we say in the business world).

(One of my clients had his 1st coaching session in August and within 8 days, 100% as a result of this 1st coaching session, he told me, signed a $200K contract! No bidding. Just calculating what the price would be for his client. Within 8 days. And he’s not my only client to recuperate his entire investment inside of 8 days. Many of my clients triple their profits within 3 months. I certainly don’t guarantee these results because it’s all up to you but I can tell you … If they can do it, so can you!)

So … here are the details:

  1. Start-date: 1st Tuesday morning in November; ie. November 6th, 2018;
  2. Schedule: 1st and 3rd Tuesday mornings of each month — I train on 1 strategy per month, divided into 2 portions;
  3. Duration: your participation in the program will last 7 months — Strategies 1 through 7;
  4. Length of calls: 60 – 75 minutes per training session; roughly 1/2-hour of training followed by Q&A — your questions & my answers;

If any of this speaks to you then do speak to me. 613-484-3861

We start November 6th. Of course you can come in at any time, as this is an evergreen program, but … why would you want to wait?

If either of money or time/timing is an issue for you, talk to me. I can make it work for you.

Talk soon!

M. Lynne Jacob
Business Advisor, Performance Coach, Key-Note Speaker & Best-Selling Author



Impressed Clients

I was trying my best with the resources I had, but I knew I was missing something. It wasn’t easy making the decision to invest with Lynne, but knowing I could … and deserved to … do better, I took that leap of faith.

Lynne & I first spoke because I was tired of the inconsistency of projects. There was too much fluctuation with work coming in and getting projects lined up. I was feeling pretty frustrated, because I knew I was better than this!

After just this 7 months of working with Lynne my business has structure! This is the weirdest year ever! It’s unbelievable. I have projects lined up for the next month-and-a-half, and have people calling me — in January! I even had work between Christmas & New Year’s. This is amazing! Typically January & February are slow.

I’m planning ahead, now, and tracking project results. By tracking my financials I now see how my business is doing and this keeps me focused.

If, like me, you’re finding the decision to make the financial investment a difficult one, I encourage you to take the leap. It is definitely worth the investment.

What’s helped me the most is Lynne’s personal training style and how everyone in the program seem to connect with each other. Hearing others talk about their businesses and their challenges helps you relate those to your own business. We all have different types of businesses, and it works for everyone’s because it’s about “the operating side” of business.

Doug Watson
Country Lane Woodshop


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