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Who has control over a teenager?

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An indication that your company has reached adulthood, when you hear yourself saying:

The rapid growth is over and now I’m settling into working what I’ve got to maximize everything. If it keeps growing I’ll look at bringing on more people in management positions.

Your Company’s Growth

Does your company feel to you to behave like a child, a teenager or an adult?

As a business success coach, I work with business owners and managers who want to have happier, healthier businesses that run smoothly even when you aren’t there running the whole show; and, in fact, while you’re out there having TONS more FUN … which is causing your Profits to Grow!

Business owners envision certain lifestyles that they’ll enjoy as compensation for all the hassles of being an entrepreneur. I work with business owners to help them reconnect with why they ever got into business for themselves in the first place. I help them reconnect with their passion … so they never work another day in their lives. They get back to LOVING what they do by DOING what they love.

My clients’ benefits are:

  • more time to get things done thanks to the great systems they create and implement
  • tons more fun by identifying what their key roles are in the business at different stages, sticking to them … and hiring out the rest!
  • significantly increased net worth by having more time to work on improving and growing the business
  • an enjoyable life outside of the business, feeling NO guilt while being away, knowing your support team is operating like a champion.
  • stepping into the “5-star” life you’ve only ever secretly dreamt of before now.

Many of my clients, in various industries, though I work primarily with businesses in the construction industry, are what I refer to as “teenaged companies”.

They’ve outgrown childhood … the beginning years where the founder of the company could do it all by him/herself.

The companies are not yet into adulthood, though, where the child has matured and feels totally confident with the wisdom it’s acquired throughout your childhood and teenage-hood. The teacher likely lacks confidence in successfully passing on to your employees the knowledge they require to perform the daily operations without your needing to be so “hands-on”. It boils down to lack of trust that there won’t be huge problems … and costly problems.

So, how would you describe your company? If you are like the vast majority of companies out there, and find your company feels to be more like a teenager, you can first congratulate yourself. Your company is still alive. The percentage of companies that do survive infancy and then “childhood” is extremely low. In fact, only 1 in 100 small businesses are still around at the 10-year mark. So … give yourself a pat on the back. However, is this how hard you want to work for another number of years until retirement? For that matter, did you know that a shocking 70% of small business owners never retire? Formally, that is? Yes, most of them just hang their tools in the garage and surrender the leases on their vehicles. Some, however, work themselves to death, literally. Even a few of those bring on their own death because they got to a point where they simply couldn’t tolerate the struggling any longer. Let’s continue with the “age” analogy, though:

Who has control over a child?


The adults, of course. You, the founder of the company. It’s a one-man band, maybe with one helper. You’re busy, so you get someone in to help you, but you’re still doing all the day-to-day work … always hoping to steal some moments to get caught up with the paperwork. “It’s all good,” you tell yourself, “because the company is totally under (my) control.”



Who has control over teenagers?


Ask any teenager. They’ll tell you that they don’t appreciate the control adults think they should have over them. That said, one day a teenager feels vulnerable, out-of-control, and wishes he were still a child. The next day the teenager’s thrusting his chest out assuring the adults that he knows it all. We all know that teenagers, actually, have little control over themselves; and as much as adults would like teenagers to be more controllable, under the adults’ control, we also expect a lot out of them and encourage them to grow, develop, become a healthy, well-rounded, successful adult.


Teenaged companies go through the same thing. The adult parent – you, the company owner – want things to run smoothly. After all, the company’s no longer a child. It can do some things on its own, now. This is true, but while one day it needs more attention than you have to give it – wishing it were a child, still – the next day the company has so much business that try as it might to behave like an adult it just isn’t capable of doing that, yet. It doesn’t yet have the systems in place to be an adult.

So, who has control over teenagers? No one. Not even the teenagers themselves. They go through constant change, day-by-day. They haven’t yet developed the ability to plan … to really plan. Their future isn’t much more than a few days, if not only a few hours, away. They “fly by the seat of their pants” and spend a lot of time “putting out fires.”

Here’s a powerful question you need to ask yourself:

If my company is a teenager, for how much longer can I continue like this … wishing and hoping for the company to be able to sustain itself?

Let’s look at the options:

  • Do I downsize to be a child again?
  • Or do I take that leap of faith and develop into an adult company? (Remember, adulthood is not merely a question of age. I’m sure you know people who are old enough to be adults, yet still behave as teenagers.)

Discussing this issue with a client the other day, she said

“You’re talking about us. Everyone who asks me about getting into this business, I tell them it’s a good business, but be sure you stay small.”

This is a typical response of someone stuck & struggling in teenage-hood.

It’s essential, however, that you be consciously aware of the Law of Expansion.

Your business, too, like every organism in the universe, is either GROWING … or, sadly, it’s dying.

On the other hand, an almost 5-year client of MLJ International told me just the other day:

“The rapid growth is over … and now I’m settling into working what I’ve got to maximize everything. If it keeps growing I’ll look at bringing on more people in management positions.”

What this client was describing was ADULTHOOD for a business, his business, which he started just 18 years earlier and which, just 5 years prior to making this statement, he was considering closing – throwing in the towel and getting a J.O.B. In fact, during these nearly 5 years of his coaching partnership he acquired another business which he saw he would grow “at an accelerated pace,” since he’d had the experience and gained the understanding of how to teach, mentor, guide and let go of the teenaged business.

JUST IMAGINE: If you make no conscious changes to the way things are done around there, where will you be 5 years from now?

If, on the other hand, you were to make one small change every week during the next 5 years, where could you be in 5 years’ time?

Take a look at my TRAINING page. You’ll see programs that are ideal for whichever size your company currently is, ranging from a DIY (Do it Yourself) program for the …

  • one-man band, all the way to
  • 1-on-1 for owners & managers in companies with over $50MM in Revenue.

You may find this peculiar, even difficult to believe, but there are more people AFRAID of doing what is necessary to become successful than there are those who do have the courage to DARE to make changes, in the hopes of being successful.

Few of us even know what courage even is:

  • It’s simply FAITH in oneself.
  • How much faith do you have in yourself?

You CAN design the perfect life;

You CAN design the perfect business; and

You CAN haveBOTH.

Want proof? Check out the Success Stories here.

AND be sure to read the next post because I’m going to show you inside Wayne’s journey from … throwing in the towel to where he is today after 11½ years of a nearly continuous coaching partnership with me.

What a difference from

  • deciding to throw in the towel;
  • to … Freedom 52.

What’s your inspiring and compelling vision of the future?

IF …

  • getting the FUN back into your business,
  • finally living the lifestyle you dreamed of when first getting into business, and
  • preparing for RETIREMENT … on your terms … by practicing taking much more TIME OFF and having TONS more FUN …
  • while watching more PROFITS simply flow in the back door speaks to you…… but you’re a bit skeptical … then

I recommend you start with a NO-OBLIGATION Business Diagnostic Assessment.

In fact, to work with me you must start with this Diagnostic Assessment. Otherwise I can’t know which, if any, of my programs is your BEST next step.

I guarantee you will receive 3 “simple” options for moving forwardand not necessarily with my services. When acted upon, the results will knock your socks off … and remember … I GUARANTEE a 300% ROI (Return on Investment).

I’m looking forward to hearing my phone ring … and hearing your voice on the other end.

Let’s take a look inside your business so I can see if You, too, are missing opportunities …

  • opportunities that will you at least another $10,000; and
  • at least another 10 hours off … each & every month.

Talk soon!
M. Lynne Jacob
Business Advisor, Performance Coach, Key-Note Speaker & Best-Selling Author

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