Falling further behind

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Received an email from a fairly new client. We’d had a Diagnostic Assessment (an MLJ system); followed by some conversations but no actual coaching session.

This new client has participated in 1 teleseminar training session in his program with MLJ: 7 Simple Strategies 4 Success.

Knowing how discombobulated he’s been feeling, prior to the 2nd teleseminar, I sent him a personal “reminder”-email jokingly saying I couldn’t find his “homework” for Strategy 1.1 & asking him to re-send it. 🙂

His response was “Haven’t done it, yet.” LOL ha ha ha Ya. I knew. 🙂

At the end of that day (I saw it next morning) he sent me an email FULL of exasperation and frustration, saying things like:

“can’t get …(it to work)…”

“lost …(something)!

“I’m stuck!

“Can’t get organized.”

“… chasing my tail.”

“… we are slammed!

“… running myself ragged trying …”

“… falling further behind …”

And his final sentence was :

I don’t know if you really can fix this but if you can I will be forever grateful!!

I texted him asking if he could be available for 15 minutes at my available time. He called me (after I texted him when he was delayed by 1 minute, of course :)).

Immediately he said “And to add to that email, also I’ve misplaced …

So I walked him through an exercise.

We talked a bit.

I walked him through another exercise.

He said something like … “Oh, my goodness!! I just found (Lost item #1)!!

“Great!! So now you know what to do to SEE the 2nd one.”

He texted me within mere minutes of our finishing this short & impromptu coaching session to inform me that he had Item #2 in his hands, as well!!

And thanking me “so much!

As I told him in our conversation, and again by text …

It really is … As simple as that! … when you’re truly OPEN to it. (Obviously he was for him to SEE Item #1, and remained OPEN in order to be able to SEE Item #2 on his own.)

And that’s after but 1 of the 14 tele-seminars in the 7 Simple Strategies 4 Success business strategies training program!

Give me a call so we get you turning your ship around this quickly!


M. Lynne Jacob
Business Advisor, Performance Coach, Key-Note Speaker & Best-Selling Author

FUN has never been so PROFITABLE

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