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Is his give-a-damn busted?

Around about this time last year many of the conversations I was having with business owners; ie. my newer clients, my future clients and my prospective clients were about their LABOUR CHALLENGES.

So I did a 3-part webinar series to help all of those business owners.

Funny thing … Here we are again at pretty much the same time of year and what do you think the majority of my conversations are about?

Yup! Labour challenges!!

  • hard to find a high-end Estimator with a long healthy list of contacts
  • hard to keep the good ones after 3 years
  • hard to find skilled labourers in “my” trade with experience
  • hard to find good people to hire
  • hard to stop   tolerating poor behaviour and lack of give-a-damn

So … My gift to you today — absolutely FREE of charge — is this webinar to help you overcome whatever your challenge is with your employees.

I warn you, though. It all starts with YOU.
If you’re experiencing any challenges with your employees …
YET … you don’t watch the webinar all the way through …
how can you possibly expect your employees to do anything … all the way through?

Click here to register to receive the 3-part webinar series (it will be sent to you to watch at your convenience).

If you WANT better results … and you’re struggling to implement the steps from this webinar …
or struggling to watch the webinar all the way through, even …

Let’s talk!


M. Lynne Jacob
Business Advisor, Performance Coach, Key-Note Speaker & Best-Selling Author

FUN has never been so PROFITABLE

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