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Do you get that?

On reading the article about giving unlimited vacation to employees, were you one of the many who scoffed at it?

Over the years I’ve helped numerous contractors to UPLEVEL their businesses by uplevelling themselves as … LEADERS.

Just one of the numerous important changes I’ve helped most of them make in their businesses, is …

Encouraging their employees to take FULL weeks’ vacations … as well as helping the contractors take multiple 2-week vacations each year, as well as one 3-week vacation.

If you can imagine!! 😁

Yes, I’ve heard the push-back …

But my guys prefer only taking long weekends.”

Did you know, though …?

Their productivity is MUCH HIGHER after they’ve had a chance to FULLY recharge their batteries.

This means that while you think you’re getting more out of them (because they’re there more), you’re actually receiving less productivity and accuracy. Hence, it’s costing you when they don’t take a 1- or 2+-week vacation, as is their entitlement by Law. After all, why did our forefathers fight so diligently for us to have vacations in our Employment Laws?

I know that most contractors (who have yet to work with me) believe that they have to Make hay while the sun shines!

Nowadays, though, construction happens 12 months of the year … so your Belief System is antiquated.

Here’s just one response that I received from a commercial builder in response to the request I made for feedback following your reading Richard Branson‘s (click here to jog your memory) article:

I agree with the logic given below in the articles.
We do not tell our folks the amount of vacation they can take.
We offer guidelines but always give them what they need and ask for.
Sometimes they get more and other times it is flexible.
To date we have not had anyone abuse it.

Do you get that?

Never has his generous policy been abused.


I encourage you to put your vacation policy under a magnifying glass and identify where you can increase your generosity to your team.

They just may surprise you!



M. Lynne Jacob
Business Advisor, Performance Coach, Key-Note Speaker & Best-Selling Author

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