I’m embarrassed

I should be able to get myself out of this hole
myself; but I just can’t …

(no need to read — click here to listen)

I’ve been conducting several Business Diagnostic Assessments lately … in fact 2 and 3 a day numerous days each week since late last fall.

What I’m finding in these Business Diagnostic Assessments are that

  1. Most of these people (thankfully not all) are in a depressing, debilitating, limiting, blocking,confusing financial situation. Everyone who is, is scoring their FUN level at near 0. Of course!!! Because while money is NOT the most important thing … money touches EVERYTHING!
  2. The many people who are starring in this financial horror story today knew about me and the way I serve people just like themselves … since BEFORE getting SUCKED INTO this horrible situation. So why didn’t they contact me sooner? “Because I’m embarrassed,” they say. “I “should” be able to get myself out of this hole myself; but I just can’t, it seems.” What’s their biggest problem NOW? They now WANT the help that they’ve seen for a year or more … but they don’t BELIEVE it’s possible to invest in their businesses and themselves NOW … because they don’t have the money for the investment SITTING IN THEIR BUSINESS.
  3. Which comes first? THE CHICKEN or THE EGG?

The beautiful ending to THIS PARABLE is that …

I have left every one of those wonderful folks who got SUCKED into that HOLE of DESPAIR with a solution to get started. No, from the way they feel they won’t nor can’t solve all of their problems with this simple solution, but it will get them going lots enough to show them that saying “YES” to getting HELP IS the ULTIMATE solution!

We’ve shown you a video about this in the past. Ok, the video quality  SUCKS but the SOLUTION I talk about in there is precisely what’s gotten so many of my clients UP OUT of the HOLE of DESPAIR.

And we want YOU to have this SOLUTION for FR-EE (scroll to the bottom of the page), too. Absolutely no cost whatsoever will be paid to me. You will, of course, require at least a “coffee” budget — but for that matter, you could take a thermos of coffee from home with some freshly home-baked goods if your situation’s that dire.

So go NOW and RECEIVE this SOLUTION (scroll to the bottom of the page) … this TRAINING that I and all of my clients use at one time or another … and it works! Every single time! And while you’re there order my book, for as little as $3.99 with immediate delivery to your e-reader, and do order the paper copy as well (which will take a little time to get to you). My book is chocked FULL of other simple exercises to follow … and once you purchase the book you will read how to download the audio version of it, as well.

Stay tuned! Next week we’re going to share the 2nd step with you that I have given to all of these people who are STRUGGLING so much these days in their businesses. We don’t want to overload you, though, so “One day at-a-time, Sweet ; that’s all we’re asking of you.” (slightly edited from the song sung so sweetly by Crysty Lane 🙂

M. Lynne Jacob
Business Performance Coach

Grow your Business by 20x in just 5 years? Sure! And …
WITHOUT working harder, longer hours
. (Get FREE training on 3 simple steps to increase your PROFIT immediately at MLJinternational.com)
Specializing in the construction industry since 2004.

P.S. Typical results (which are not guaranteed) of clients up to $3M in sales are tripling your profits. Typical (but not guaranteed) results for every sized company are having licensed employees knocking on your door, existing employees becoming worth more than their pay-cheques AND bonuses, and customers who sing your praises to everyone who’ll listen (even in the ICI sector). The side effects are TONS more FUN and a custom-built retirement that’s ready & waiting for you on that day you calmly & coolly say Know what, Hon? I’ve had enough.

Take a look at this …

Ever dreamt of taking a vacation on the ocean …
but found, especially with today’s currency exchange rate,
that it’s just not in your budget?

So no need to spend your Canadian money in the U.S.

Spend it right here in Canada; enjoy WARM ocean waters from 2 private beaches — 1 with beautiful sand for lazing in the sun and the other a nature-land where you and your children (and grandchildren in my case) can have a field day finding all types of little sea creatures — when the tide’s out, of course! 🙂

And within a short drive you can visit:

  • The Bay of Fundy, with the world’s highest tides — be sure to arrive at low tide and stick around to see how many storeys high the tide gets. Check the schedule by clicking here;
  • Shediac — the Lobster Capital of the World! (7-10 minutes depending on traffic 🙂 And you’ll love learning HOW TO eat lobster when you go on the Lobster Tour Boat, which is only 5-7 minutes from your resort.
  • Halifax (2 hours 45 minutes)
  • Confederation Bridge (from New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island) — Canada’s first PPP project!(45 minutes)
  • PEI (less than 1 hour to the Island and another 40 minutes to Charlottetown)
  • Saint John — where the temperature drops by 1 degree/kilometre in the last 10 kms into the city. Now this may not be a selling feature to visit Saint John, but if you’ve ever wanted to go you’re less than 2 hours away and it is a phenomenon to me, especially as I drive there with my roof down during the summer months. 🙂
  • Fredericton — NB’s capital city. You know, government town in Canada. 🙂
  • Moncton — NB’s economic capital — where your car will roll UPHILL! (either BEFORE or AFTER you enjoy a day at Magic Mountain)

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